Accessing to IFrame in dhtmlxLayout / Access denied.


I’m using this method in order to access to IFrame in a cell of a dhtmlxLayout:



var ifr_params = layout.cells(“a”).window._frame;


and then, I try to access to the objects in this frame ( IE 7 used as browser ):


var obj = ifr_params.contentWindow.document.getElementById(“test”);


but the error given by the page is “Access denied”.

It meens, by testing, that I can’t go throught the “document” level -> I can access to contentWindow, but not document, or other objects of the frame.

The strange thing is that, in an other page, I’ve used exactly the same method and I can access to any objects in the IFrame, at any time (as soon as the frame is loaded of course).

So, really, I don’t understand what is happenning…

Thanks for your help,



Please, check that a page inside “a” cell is in the same domain with layout page.

If problem persists, please, provide the layout initialization code to reproduce the issue.


It was simply a problem of domain, as you said… I didn’t realized my mystake first, going to fast in the code.

I found it just after posting the question, but it was to late.