Accordian Container Object

Is there a property of the Accordian object that can be accessed for the Accordian object’s container Id? I.e., if a class or function is called used the Accordian object reference, how can said class or function obtain the container object id?

Better yet, return the HTML object reference itself. It appears that the container object can be access via dhxAccordianObject.base, but this is not referenced in the API documentation.

cells method returns the html container of an accordion item:

dhxAccord.addItem(“a1”, “Label”);
var obj = dhxAccord.cells(“a1”);

The with cell content will be dhxAccord.cells(“a1”).childNodes[1].childNodes[0]

That’s good information to have, but would it not be a good idea to add to the documentation the dhxAccordian.base reference? What I was looking for – and found by using the “base” refererence - - was the container for the entire accordian object, not just one of the accordian items. No need to reply. I’ve got what I need. I just thought it might be useful to others to know that this object is available.