Accordian frustrations

In one of the examples the view/07_full_sample There are 3 accordian sections all open at once.

I have some dynamically generated content server side, but in essence make similar 3 accordians, but one, the TOP/RIGHT one is always ‘closed’ and not open, how do you force the thing to be opened. Are there other rules which override user wants?

The previous beta .8 didnt behave this way, and the same setup displayed fine with both accordians OPENED and both fit. Now I only get one of them at a time.

Please help, need to ‘force it’ open, I know it looks ok, the code cannot make that decision.

Basically, 2 of these under rows. With the content being inside a DIV. not in the struct here.

			header: "Graphs of Stuff",
			headerAlt:"Graphs of Stuff (closed)",
			id: "main_graphs",
			collapsed: false,
			scroll: false,
			body: {
				rows: [ { content:"main_area_content_id1" } ]

I added


And it does what I needed.