Accordian Javascript Error

I’m trying a simple accordan page and keep getting a javascript error on the line where dhtmlxaccordian.js is loading. Error says "this.base’ is null or not and object.

Here is the code:

Can you help? Thanks!

<div id="accordObj".. is not exists on the accordion creation moment.

Edit you code like this:

<body onload="doOnLoad();" style="width:100%;height:100%;margin:0px;overflow:hidden;">

Great… and sorry again for the stupid questions; working on a deadline.   

Got a page to come up without javascript errors - but nothing else on it.  I’m assuming now that there has to be content for the accordian - do you have to attach to windows, or can you just add content directly?   How would I add (for instance) 3 simple frames with some html inside?

Love the way its coming out - definately going to buy the expanded version

Got it to work finally.  

Only problem now, the top tab shows initially (see attached picture button labeled “Statistics”)  like its supposed to, but when you push it again its body won’t go down; all the other buttons work fine.

Also, in the picture you see that I added the calendar above the accordian but it is causing that white area to stick out further than the border on my page - what is causing this?

Thanks again for your help.


Could you please provide a source code?

    <link rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css” href=“”);

mCal = new dhtmlxCalendarObject(“objId”,true);



I tried adding this code to get the top pane (“a”) to open up again after it initially opens but I get a javascript error.   Still can’t figure out why the calendar gives that awful white space to the right side of it… (see jpg from previous post).

dhxAccord.attachEvent(“onActive”, function(“a1”){




I put the whole thing (calendar and accordian) in an inline frame and this took care of the white space in some kind of div or something around calendar.   I also figured out why the top tab of the accordian wasn’t working - it was because I adjusted the “height” of the calendar div to get the accordian closer to the calendar - when I take the height out it is too far away but at least it works.    Anyway I can get it closer?