Accordion component:: Header and AltHeader Label


I’m using an accordion component in my app (and many other components, of course).
In order to offer helpul hints to my users I’d like to change the labels that I’m using on these accordion:

/* definition /
{ view: ‘accordion’,
cols: [
{ header: ‘Partidas’, headerAlt: ‘Partidas’, id: ‘grid_acordeon_partidas’
body: { /
Below I have a Grid /

{ header: ‘Partida por COMPRAR’, headerAlt: ‘Detalle de la Partida’,id: ‘grid_acordeon_pagina_partida_detalles’
body: { /
Below I have a Form */

/* event definition /
var evnt_grid_acordeon_partidas_onclick = $(“grid_acordeon_partidas”).attachEvent(“onItemClick”, function (id){
How can I do this? /
$$(‘grid_acordeon_pagina_partida_detalles’).headerAlt = ‘HELPFUL HINT TO MY USER’;
maybe like this? */
$$(‘grid_acordeon_pagina_partida_detalles’).setHeaderAlt(‘HELPFUL HINT TO MY USER’);

/* all other stuff */


Any suggestion?

Please forgive my english, my spanish is better.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry, this question must be under the DHTMLX Touch forum,
My first question here, sorry :blush:



Try to set new headerAlt in configuration of accordion item and then call refresh() method:

[code]var evnt_grid_acordeon_partidas_onclick = $(“grid_acordeon_partidas”).attachEvent(“onItemClick”, function (id){
var item = $$(‘grid_acordeon_pagina_partida_detalles’);
item.config.headerAlt = ‘HELPFUL HINT TO MY USER’;

/* all other stuff */



Great, with a small change it works,

This line does not work:
item.config.header = ‘HELPFUL HINT TO MY USER’;

But this one does:
item.define(‘header’, 'HELPFUL HINT TO MY USER ');

Thanks Alexandra :wink:


You are welcome )