Accordion Header and Menu


is it possible to add a toolbar into the header of an accordion item?

I tried to add an input button as html, and it shows up, but clicking on the button collapse o expands the accordion area. Is there a posibility to stop that onclick-event?

I need the menu /button in the accordion header because y have not enough space to put it in the body area.

Any advice???

Best regards

Not possible for now.
Headers of accordion is a plain html templates, they can’t contain active elements inside.
( to make things worse - they repaint each time when header closed or opened, so any complex content created inside header will be broken after cell collapsing )

I just make the header: false

and then add a Toolbar to the main content.

If thats the only thing in the accordian section, I then make the height: 1 so that there
isnt a blank 43 pixel area the size of the header.

I just make the header: false
Cell without header can’t be collapsed
If you need not collapse functionality - you can use plain layout instead of accordion.