Accordion inside Grid resize


after we reduce the size of browser,
and then we enlarge the size of browser to the right,
the Grid Size inside of Accodion doesn’t enlarge

Could you provide us this demo?
Attach just HTML file - we need some your settings: can’t reproduce locally this issue.

we use to sample

setting for width size = “100%”

Sorry… Why do you say about accordion+toolbar, if you asked about accordion+grid?

We Testing Accordion + grid
Grid Div width = ‘100%’

Check the accompanying video please.

Accodion the size of the change, but Grid it does not change the size.

It is really unusual behavior.
If you use the PRO Edition and you have active support subscribtion, please create a ticket in the online support system with completed demo.
If not - send me a demo in PM. … leted_demo