Accordion scroll within object

I am using the accordion control with several attached objects defined as divs. Some of the divs are longer than will fit in the display in the accordion. I have set div attributes such as <div id=“wihome” width:100%; height:100%; overflow: auto;>, but still do not get a scroll bar within the accordion panel.

What do I need to do to have the area within an accordion pane have a scroll bar if needed?


Try to add position: relative; to div.

I added position: relative to the div tag and that did not seem to change anything.  My full div is

<div id=“wihome” width:100%; height:100%; overflow: auto; position:relative;>

and the related line in my script is


The accordion displays okay, but the contents of the pane area for “wihome” is truncated and no scroll bar appears.

What else can you suggest?



Could you please attach any demo? We can’t reproduce your issue, all works fine on our side. … 6669257000