Accordion Skins


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I have tried the solution in this answer but I get an error saying that setSkin is not a function.

This is the code that creates a window and attaches an accordion

var win2= dhxWins.createWindow(“recordcard”, 250,100,700,600);

win2.setText(“Record Card”);

var dhxAccord2.win2.attachAccordion();


I get the error

dhxAccord2.setSkin(“dhx_blue”); is not a function.

Without that line it all works but I get an unskinned accordion. I am using accordion elsewhere on the page with no problem its just the ones in the windows that are a problem

Many thanks

Scott Bailey


Right, skin should be passed into constructor like this:
var dhxAccord = new dhtmlXAccordion(parentId, “skin”);

When initing through a window, skin inherits from a window skin. By the default window use “dhx_blue” skin,
and accordion use it too. Here is a demo: … 6920890000


So there is no way then to have one skin on the window and another on the accordion within it?


You should edit some code for this:


win.attachAccordion = function() {
    this.accordion = new dhtmlXAccordion(,;
    // replace this your skin

Many thanks

This worked great.