Accordion with Form Complex Split - Need Auto Height

I need this example here: … mplex.html

But with each accordion panel to auto height to the size of the content. I have version 3.5 and setHeight(‘*’); doesn’t work. Any idea what I’m missing?

Please, provide us completed demo - we will try to help you on your example. … leted_demo

Here is my complete demo zip file. View it on 1280x1024. What I need is for the accordions to size themselves based on their content AND when that happens main_layout.cells(‘b’) will need to have a scroll bar in order to view it all. I really hope this is possible. This and a few other things will determine if my company goes with DHTMLX. Thanks!
Complete (713 KB)

There is a multimode, but it varies height of according cells in expand/collapse mode. … s_behavior
There is no approach to varify cells height by content height.

Yes, I am familiar with multi-mode, that is what I’m using. Are you saying I have to hard-code a height for every accordion? In a dynamic application the content can change drastically from one record to the next so that won’t fly. So every time content changes am I going to have to get the height and call the dhxAcc.cells(id).setHeight(XXX); function?

This is the problem I have found with a handful of JavaScript frameworks, the lack of a single simple box container. In DHTMLX we got these layouts & data containers: layout, accordion, tabbar, windows, form. What would be very help would be a single box container. Picture my complete demo that I attached, but instead of 1 accordion with MANY panels, instead picture MANY independent boxes that can expand / collapse. That’s all I need. How can I achieve something like that in DHTMLX? Many accordions, all 1 panel each would be what I’m going for but you can’t attach many accordions to the same layout cell.

Here is a image to better illustrate what I need as well as a updated demo zip file. Thanks! (627 KB)

To show scroll here you need use attachObject and attach accordion there. One more way you can attach html file via attachURL, and it wiil be with accordion.
And you hato to fix a cell height and toolbar will be always visible.


please try attached updates for you demo “ (626.69 KiB)”
just replace your file with attached one (best view in FF) (3.16 KB)

Thank you! Visually that is exactly what I need. But, back to initial question of this post, I need to be able to also do this with a dhtmlxForm complex split. Like … mplex.html

I don’t see how that’s possible with this example.

We make many very complex government forms. We have 1000s of them. If we can somehow figure this out my company would purchase many licenses. What I sent was a VERY simplified version of what we would need. In the end envision a page with 30 expandable boxes in that main tab, with 10 containing grids, the other 20 containing fields (all part of the SAME form, a complex split, in total ~500 fields), with the stationary toolbar at the top of the first tab with a save button for saving the entire huge form that is split across all those boxes, on the other main tabs there will be grids and other forms (not as complex as the main tab), all the boxes down the left hand side will be mainly links. All boxes in main tab will initially have to be expanded and loaded with data. The content for the other tabs across the top will only be ajax’ed in when clicked on. Do you think DHTMLX is capable of handling a page this complex, will it render something this big fast enough?


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