Accordion with scroll bar

I an using Accordion the following way

$(document).ready( function() { $("#deal_price_info").load("url"); var dhxAccord; dhxAccord = new dhtmlXAccordion("accordObj"); dhxAccord.addItem("a1", "Deal & Price information"); dhxAccord.cells("a1").attachObject("deal_price_info"); dhxAccord.cells("a1").setHeight(300); });
I want the accordion to add scroll bar if the height goes beyond 300 . How can I achieve this . I tried adding scroll bar to div like
This comes up with a scrollbar but the data does not refresh . Any ideas on this ? Thanks Sumanth

You may try the following

...some content here...

and scrolls will be show if the content of the “deal_price_info” is bigger than the sizes of accordion item.

That works if the accordion is init’ed via html but what if you do it like this?

var dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.body,“3T”);
var dhxAccord = dhxLayout.cells(“b”).attachAccordion();

See attached screenshot. The accordion works but its height is too big due to the contents (about 6 slides). How do I make the entire Accordion pane scroll. How do I apply the overflow: auto or can I?

You may disable “multi” mode for the accordion. In this case only one cell will be visible. But there is not functionality to enable scroll for the accordion

Okay is there a way to make the accordion a certain width. Then I can apply my own scroller? Like can I make the accordion have a width of say 150px inside a layout cell of 200px?

In this case, you need to attach html container that includes 150px container for accordion:

dhxAccord = new dhtmlXAccordion(“accordObj”);