Achnor link DHTMLX Tree Row

Hi All,

I am trying add a HTML link to each Tree Row.
My each row will be displayed something like
< Anchor link > Node text
Example : code Company

Click on that link will check the check box in front of that.

Is this possible in DHTMLX Tree? If so how we can supply the data. I am trying to supply the data in JSON. Any help is much appreciated.

Many thanks!

To add link to tree node you should use tag in XML (available in PRO version only):

<item id="db_1" im0="book_titel.gif" im1="book_titel.gif" im2="book_titel.gif"> <itemtext><![CDATA[<a href='#' onclick="(arguments[0]||window.event).cancelBubble=true;doCheck('db_1')">code</a>Company]]></itemtext> </item>

on client side:

function doCheck(id){ tree.setCheck(id,(tree.isItemChecked(id))?false:true) }