Activate data processor every N actions or X amount of time

The data processor feature is great. But I find that there are so many queries on every movement. Is there a way to set the data processor to update the changed tasks\Links every N amount of actions or X amount of time?

Also, how can I wait for data processor actions to finish? I use addTasks which adds tasks in the db and right after addLinks which are connected to the tasks in the db level, if I cant wait for tasks to enter the db, I get a reference error - so I would like to wait for the data processor insert\updates and only then execute the link insert\update

Hello Refael,
Unfortunately, there is no built-in way to do that. But you can implement it by using Gantt API and Javascript.
Here is the Data Processor’s API documentation:
You can block sending requests when you update the data in the onBeforeUpdate event handler, and you can manually send the updates with the sendData method.
Here is an example of how it can be implemented:,-send-changes-at-once.avi

The same approach can be applied to your second question.