Actuall Date for use in say_scale_date ?

Year, your Scheduler rocks bottom!

Short question cause i’m trying since hours: How to adress the current viewed date in day_view ?

Would like to customice the day_scale_date but can not adress the actuall date where i am…

For someone who wants to use this also:

        scheduler.templates.day_scale_date =function(start,end,ev){

            var convert ="%l, %d.%F - %H:%i");

            var erg = convert(***);

            var temp = “


            return temp;


Thanks in Advance

scheduler.templates.day_scale_date =function(date){ //single incoming parameter - date which need to be formatted

All event templates receives 3 parameters ( start date, end date, event )
All scale|date formatting templates receives only one parameter - date to be formatted.

Also, the current active date of scheduler can be taken as