Add a checkbox in event div

Hello. Can you help me please on how i can show a checkbox on top of each calendar’s event? Thank you very much!


Check scheduler\samples\02_customization\13_single_checkbox_section.html sample.

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Thanks for the reply… I saw the example but i would for the checkbox to be on the event in the calendar. eg. you don’t have to open the form… you see your week view… kai check on an event… Is there any way to do that? thank you very much!

It possible to place checkbox in the event’s box by using templates, but it will work as separate html element, which is not linked to the event object ( such kind of linking will require rather complex modifications in the scheduler’s code )

That is what i want! to place a checkbox with ajax request and it will send the event_id and the checked value. How can i put this? eg in event_header template?

scheduler.templates.event_header:function(start,end,ev){ var html = "<input type='checkbox' value='""' onclick='do_some();'>"; return html+scheduler.templates.event_date(start)+" - "+scheduler.templates.event_date(end); }

That worked correctly except one thing. The function works when i click the checkbox but it also loads the event edit form. ( I have modified the onClick method to display the form with a single click ). Is there any solution for that? Thank you very much for your precious help! :slight_smile:

change it as

onclick='(arguments[0]||event).cancelBubble=true; do_some();'>";

It worked like a charm!!! :slight_smile: :smiley: THank you so much for your help!!! :slight_smile: