Add a column on my grid who does not come from the database

I have a grid whose values ​​are all from the database,
I want to add a column who represent the séquenciel column of my grid : my first line is 1, secom is 2, …

This is because the value (id) from the database are not always séquencielles.

but I do not know how to proceed.

check this:

Thank you very much,
but all the versions I downloaded, I can not find the file dhtmlxgrid_splt.js, can somebody send me the file please.

Thank you once again for your help


Not sure whether dhtmlxgrid_splt.js is a part of non-commercial edition (which you are probably using). I suggest to try without dhtmlxgrid_splt.js. Follow the example in a link and comment out the following line:


Check if it works.

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Thank you very much ,
it works very well

You are welcome. Glad to be helpful.

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