Add a row with bgColor in a grid with LightMouseNavigation a


i have a grid with enableLightMouseNavigation(true). In this grid i have two types of rows (my user rows and other rows).

When I load the grid, i put bgColor=red in the user rows.

With the LightMouseNavigation effect the other rows change the bgcolor whene mouse is over, but the user rows (with bgcolor=red) only change the font-color.

When i add a new user row trought addRow method y set the row color trought setRowColor method.

The problem is when the mouse is over this new row because it change the bgcolor (why?)

I solved the problem with:

for (i=0;i<6;i++) {

mygrid.setCellTextStyle(newRowId, i, “background-color:#F4D4D4”);


I dont know if this is a bug or there is other solution.


The bgColor property in XML and setRowColor method share the same functionality and must work equally.
Using other ways to set bg color ( style attribute in XML, or setRowStyle command ) can make different effect

Basically bgColor has lowest priority
row@css or color of selected row has higher priority
row@style or setRowTextStyle has highest priority

If you want to have color of rows unchanged - use “style” attribute in XML and setRowTextStyle command on client side