Add and update not saved in database for timeline view


I have a timeline view.
It show the events correctly.
When i add an event, the event appear in the sheduler but is not saved on database.
Whene i modify an event, it delete the event.

I’ve tested with dhtmlxdataprocessor_debug.js to see what’s appen.
here are the logs :

Any idea ?

<action type='error' sid='1357900313894' tid='1357900313894' ></action>

It looks as something bad occurs on server side :slight_smile:
If you are using connectors you can enable server side logging and get more detailed error info ( most probably some DB level error ) … tor:errors

I’ve tried to activate server-side logging with this line :

$scheduler = new schedulerConnector($res, $dbtype); ........ $scheduler->enable_log("temp.log",true);
But it does nothing.
The temp.log file is not created.
If i create it, nothing appear in it.

the file attached is a demo of the problem.
Launch /cal_equipe.php?equipe=1 (1.17 MB)

In demo file you are using
but there is no “events.php” file in data directory.

Assuming that you are using event_equipe.php, there is a problem in code, you are using render_sql command (actually it is render_table but with sql code inside, which makes it a bit more worse ) - this is fine for data loading, but CRUD operations will not work for such setup.

Check the next snippet … ral_tables

You can organize code in the same way, use render_sql for data loading and separate render_table with single table and without WHERE instructions for data saving.