add column in dhtmlxgrid


thanks for help

i want to add the permanently column in my dhtmlxgrid

As per your mail u can send me the link to add the column and show on example

You can add new column in grid with insertColumn() method. … _cols.html

i m add the column in my dhtmlxgrid but when i refresh the page it will not show me that column . i want if i add the column then after refresh it will show me . is it possible in dhtmlxgrid if yes please tell me the solutions. or example

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Such functionality is not implemented at the current version of dhtmlxGrid. Structure of Grid is defined while initialization, so if you define 5 column with setHeader() method, add new column and then refresh page, your grid will still has 5 columns, as defined at setHeader method.
As a work around you can define grid structure in xml with part. After the user adds new column you will need to send additional request to the server side, save new structure of the grid and then after refresh page return xml with additional column.
You can send additional requests to the server side with dhtmlxAjax extension.