Add ComboBox to mobile_schedule toolbar

Hi all,

I am trying to add a combobox popup to the bottom toolbar of the mobile scheduler so that users can choose their timezone. Once the user makes their selection, it would automatically set a cookie, then reload the page. I seem to have gotten close, but to no avail as the options don’t really popup when you click it, but rather there is a textbox that you can start typing in and then the selections become visible. I think it requires the “touch” jscript file, which isn’t used in mobile scheduler, and when I try to add it I get errors as if the “touch” and “scheduler” javascript files collide.

Here is the code I am using:

scheduler.config.bottom_toolbar = [ { view:"button",id:"today",label:scheduler.locale.labels.icon_today,inputWidth:scheduler.xy.icon_today, align:"left",width:scheduler.xy.icon_today+6}, { view:"segmented", id:"buttons",selected:"list",align:"center",multiview:true, options:[ { value:"list", label:scheduler.locale.labels.list_tab,width:scheduler.xy.list_tab}, { value:"day", label:scheduler.locale.labels.day_tab,width:scheduler.xy.day_tab}, { value:"month", label:scheduler.locale.labels.month_tab,width:scheduler.xy.month_tab} ]}, { view:"combo",name: "timezones", id:'tz', click:"log", label: 'TZ', value:"1", yCount:"3", options:[ { id:"1", value:"pst" }, { id:"2", value:"est" }, { id:"3", value:"gmt" } ]}, { view:"button",css:"add",id:"add", align:"right",label:"",inputWidth:42,width:50}, { view:"label", label:"",inputWidth:42,width:50, batch:"readonly"} ];

Thank you.

change format of options as

yCount:“3”, options:[
{ value:“1”, label:“pst” },

There is some confusion in data formats from combo, they are different for loading from external resource and for loading through options collection. In next update we will make both formats interchangeable.

Thank you, but it didn’t seem to change anything originally. I looked at some of the errors, and b/c I had the “click:log” with no “log” function, it was killing everything. After removing that, everything seems to work. Now I just have to figure out a function that will ‘reload’ the data when they choose a different Timezone. Thanks for the quick replies!


have you managed to add combo into Toolbar ?

Yes, I did get it working by removing the click:“log” option. I couldn’t get a function to execute when the value was changed using attachEvents(“onchange”,fun_name) to work for it though. I’ve decided to create a whole new page for preferences that will include not only timezone but some other options.