Add custom column/row in TimeLine mode



I would like to know if there is any way of adding a custom column when using the timeline Mode.

For example, I would like to display the numbers of event happening during the day. … _tree.html

In this case, I would like to display “2” on the first line beause Elisabeth Taylor has 2 tasks.

And I would like to display an other row under Elisabeth displaying the number of tasks she has at a certain moment.

Are there any Calculation methods to make sum for example as it exists in DHTMLX Grid.

Thanks in advance !




You can get the array with required events by using getEvents method: … vents.html

The easiest way for displaying numbers of events on the page is to use templates. Please, see example:


Thanks a lot for the calculations methods !

Thus, using template, I should be able to add a column at the end of the scheduler ? Or should I add them using jQuery ?

See the image attached to see what I would like to do.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Hi There,

We are looking to do something similar. Was a solution ever found for this scenario?




probably the simplest approach that wouldn’t involve modifying the source codes of the component would be to create that column with a custom code and place it above the last column of the timeline using an absolute positioning(just increase x_size by 1 so the same date range would be visible). You may also want to dynamically block time under the last(summary) column so users couldn’t move events there

Here is a small demo


Hi Polina, thanks for responding. I’ll give your suggestions a go!