add dhtmlxtree node with combo and input box


i’m using 4.3 pro.
I try to add a child node to tree with a input and combo box

when using xml from your sample
it works correctly,
but, when using javascript, it don’t work correctly.
in my execution,
at the input box added, I can’t edit text,
because, it does not have focus.

isn’t it possible to edit itemtext with javascript ?

my source code is as below

_w_cond_tree.attachEvent(“onDrop”, function(sid, tid, did, sobj, tobj) {
var sel= "홍길동: ";

                        tobj.setItemText(sid, sel);



Try to prevent bubbling for mousedown event on the input node:

function preventDrag(e){
   e.cancelBubble = true;
_w_cond_tree.attachEvent("onDrop", function(sid, tid, did, sobj, tobj) {
var sel= "홍길동: <input type='text' width='10' value='aaa' onmousedown = 'preventDrag(event)' />";
tobj.setItemText(sid, sel);