Add dynamic item with XML


According to … rm_additem it’s possible now to add items dynamically.

It is possible to do that with XML file ? (the XML file contains the new items).

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unfortunately form does not have such functionality and probably we will add it.
for now you can try the following:

open demo dhtmlxForm/samples/01_init/04_init_from_xml.html,
and run from console or add in the end of doOnLoad function:

dhtmlxAjax.get("../common/dhxform.xml?e="+new Date().getTime(), function(r){ var root = r.xmlDoc.responseXML.getElementsByTagName("items")[0]; var formData = myForm._xmlToObject(root, true); console.log(formData); });

dhxform.xml - xml file used to init form
myForm._xmlToObject - inner forms func which convert xml to json

something like

Hello Andrei,

I’ve tested your code and I’ve added “myForm.addItem(null, formData, 1);” at the end. All is ok (no javascript error) except that the item don’t appears in the form.

Here’s my XML sub file :

<?xml version="1.0"?> <items> <item name="new" type="input" value="NEW" label="NEW"/> </items>

In console (chrome) i see [>Object]
If I don’t use an XML file and I use the standard method i see [code]


The structure of both objects is the same. The only difference is the [ ] on the object generated by myForm._xmlToObject .

Any idea ?



I just showed how to get data from xml and parse it, check formats