Add/Edit event on timeline tree view issue


I have an strange issue when i’m adding or editing an event in the tree view. After the submit the event disappears from the view and it reappears if i refresh the view:

Please help me find a solution for this issue, maybe someone encountered the same thing. I know that the standard is working ok, and it’s something from my application, but i cannot find what.



It is a non-trivial issue and seems it’s really related to your code.
Could you replicate the issue in the snippet
or provide with access to your application to help us understand the cause of it?


I cannot reproduce it to any htmlx demos. It’s definitely something in my code. I tried to debug using the browser debugger, and the event is hidden somewhere in JQUERY library.
You can login to … cteristics

I found a semi sideways fix by using scheduler.showEvent after the edit : but this will trigger only one, if you try to edit the event again the event will vanish.

Thank you!