Add Files button not working


My vault control is visible clearly with all the buttons. whereas when I click on “Add Files” nothing happens and no errors. it does not come to the uploadUrl code behind.

Please help me. what wrong I do?

I have searched but not getting anything. No much clear documentation and no clear sample found in this site.


Note : I am using this control on jquery dialog


Please, provide us a direct link to your project or send us completed demo on with a link to this topic … pport.html


Hi, Thanks for your quick response. Here is my code


<link href="../dhtmlx/dhtmlxVault/codebase/skins/dhtmlxvault_dhx_terrace.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<script src="../dhtmlx/dhtmlxVault/codebase/dhtmlxvault.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

The following method called on page init

var myVault;
function VaultInitialize(rowid) {
   myVault = new dhtmlXVaultObject({
       container: "vaultObj"+ rowid,            
        uploadUrl: "DhtmlxVaultUpload.aspx",
        autoStart: true

I am using dhtmlxvault.js of
Version: 2.3
Edition: Standard


If i put the div Object in the main page instead of opened popup then it works fine.
but it is not happening on the jquery popup


The issue when i attach the css file then not working.

Please see my attachments


What dhtmlx , browser and OS version do we need to test it with?


Hi Darya,

I have now used an IFrame which will use another page having vault control initialize.
Now it is working.

But i need some custom fields/input controls value with upload event.
i have a code behind file which handles the upload. can i get the additional values there.
Example : like

strFilename = Request.Form["file_name"];

can i use “ClientName”

strClientName = Request.Form["ClientName"];



uploadUrl: “DhtmlxVaultUpload.aspx?param=value”


common Andrei,

I need to read some input controls and pass the values as file attributes.

uploadUrl: “DhtmlxVaultUpload.aspx?param=value”

will not help me at all.



only by change uploadUrl or changing source code.
if you need to add extra params right before upload - you can get logic from here viewtopic.php?f=18&t=39548