Add first task in gantt chart


I am new in Gantt Chart. I have a situation in which, I am having no task in database.
I have to add first task in Gantt chart. As i click on “Plus” icon placed in top header row, i am not getting the lightbox for adding task. Please help me…

please try the latest version of the component from this post viewtopic.php?f=15&t=20507&start=10
I’ve tried to reproduce your issue on the first example

After commenting out data loading: //gantt.parse(tasks); I’ve got an empty gantt. ‘Plus’ button seemed to be working correctly, it showed the lightbox and created the task.
If you having this issue with the latest version of the gantt, please give more details on how to reproduce it.

Thanks a lot, it solved my issue. :slight_smile: