Add hyperlink Column in Grid based on another column

I have a column 1 in dhtmlxgrid with certain text values… I need to load a another column with the values that I got from column 1 to be appended to a hyperlink and loaded in next column .
How to achive this…

Column 1: values are “name1,name2, name3”…
I want these to be loaded in column 2 as link “,“”,"
or in front end display as a link text like “name1,name2,name3” in the column 2 …which will redirect to the link when clicked…
How to do it…??

<cell type='link'><![CDATA[ GOOGLE^ ]]></cell>

and example:

I am loading the grid from SQL database table using grid connector. I am getting error incorrect cell type I used dhtmlxgrid_excell_link.js also . Can I load grid both from html page content and also database table from same for the method that you mentioned.

Are there any other methods to achieve the mentioned (adding hyperlink in column) from the database table

Please, make sure that the required js file is included on the page:

I am loading the entire dhtmlx grid from data table. How can I load the column alone as hyperlink separately if I do in the method that you have mentioned. The method that you have told to have the

<cell type='link'><![CDATA[ GOOGLE^ ]]></cell>

can be used in the load from XML or other formats. But am loading the grid from SQL Database table using Grid connector . How to add hyperlink while using this method of loading from grid connector.

You may set the type of the cell/column to “link” on the client-side:
mygrid.setColTypes(“ed,ed,link”) … ltype.html