Add icon to calendar

Is there a way to add another custom icon underneath the edit and delete icons? I’d like to have another icon appear when the user clicks on the event in the calendar view and hook my own custom onClick event to that icon. Any ideas are appreciated!


Hello, Chris.

First of all your add your icon to the list of icons which are displayed then you select event (same way then you edit it):

scheduler.config.icons_select=["icon_details","icon_edit","icon_delete", "icon_custom"];

And add title to it:

scheduler.locale.labels.icon_custom = "Custom";

Then you will need to set CSS styles for it, you can use following class:

div.icon_custom { background-position: -42px 0; }
And only button handler left:

scheduler._click.buttons.custom = function(event_id){ alert("Hello world"); }
I’ve renamed topic for future references.

Best regards,