add meeting rooms in romm scheduler

hi all
in the room booking scheduler can i add rooms manually in the back-end
i would like to to increase it to 10 around

If this is related to the MVC.Net tutorial - you can just add extra records to the “Rooms” table

thanks for the quick reply
extra rooms where added but not reflecting when i run the app
do have to update something

are you sure records was actually added to db?
because there is no special processing for rooms, just getting all records from table and
rendering them to json array, which is used to initialize scheduler.
please watch CalendarController.cs in debugger, at line 36 or so, see context.Rooms.ToList() - does rooms list contain expected number of records?

ya i am sure the rooms are added and are displayed in the view
all we have to do is add the rooms to the rooms table
that it