Add multiple tasks

Hi, is there a way to add child tasks when adding a task?

I need to add 4 child tasks for every new task added. I want to have this happen all the time so the user does not have to add these tasks each time.

Also, is there a way to not show the new task “+” symbol on each row? I only want the “+” symbol at the top of the container.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hello @RonM,

You should use addTask method to create these 4 children. Create a function that will do that and call it in the onAfterTaskAdd handler.

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Yes, “+” icons can be hidden by the next CSS rule:

.gantt_row_task .gantt_add{

Demo that demonstrates how it works

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Hi Polina,

Thanks again for your help!
I have an issue and hope there is a way to do it. So when I do the “add task” the parent and child tasks are not saved to the database until I edit each task. is there a way to bring up the lightbox when I click the addTask icon?


I figured this out, I needed to use “createTask” not “addTask”



Yes, you are right.
createTask opens the lightbox for new added events. Hope the issue is fully solved.

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