Add New Event On Front-End Side

Hi all
I have installed "dhtmlxScheduler v.23 to my Joomla 1.7 site
Everything good but I CANT add new event in frontend :question:
Although I have opened all access rights to registered users (ie to me also)

Any idea?

Is there anyone to help?

Sorry for the delay in answerring.
There are some problems with Joomla 1.6, Joomla 1.7 and access rights.
To get it to work make sure that user groups have the same names as user groups in scheduler admin panel. Otherwise acces will be denied.
This problem will be fix in future.

I have also the problem that I could not create new events in the frontend (Joomla 1.7). Is it necessary that all groups in Joomla have the same name as in Scheduler or would it be sufficient to have corresponding group? What are the correct group names in Scheduler and are they case sensitive as shown in the admin panel?
I already created the groups guest, guests, Guest and Guests (to cover all possibilities) in Joomla and assigend one user to this group, but no success for creating oder editing events.

group names are the same as they named in scheduler admin panel (Access rights tab).
This names are case insensitive.
Guest is a special user group, it will be used if user doesn’t have any group (he is not logged in) and it should be created in joomla user groups.

By the way, this problem will be fixed in the next plugin release (coming soon).

What does “coming soon” mean? Days, weeks, months…

This month I suppose.


I have installed dhtmlxScheduler but cant add any events from the front end. I have changed the access rights to editor, author,and publisher to allow editing and the group names are the same as the joomla group names but I cant add any events at all. Am I doing something wrong or do i have to wait for the fix? Running joomla 1.7




I had the same problem, but I saw another posting in here (by the developers/support team)

Download the component from there and it will work.


New plugin version coming soon, it will use custom user groups correctly.