add some infomation

Dear all,
I’m very u=interresting by the module Gant but i woul to know if is it pssible te redefine the
edit task form by adding a new field

Yes, it is possible to add custom fields in the lightbox. To do that use “gantt.config.lightbox.sections” where you define the fields that will be displayed in the lightbox. For example, you want to add a field that will define the priority of the task. Here is the example how you can do it:

gantt.config.columns = [ {name: "text", label: "Task name", tree: true, width: '*'}, { name: "priority", label: "Priority", width: 90, align: "center", template: function (item) { return item.priority ? item.priority : "Low" } } ];
In this article you may find an explanation how to change the fields that lightbox shows: … _form.html
And there are examples of custom lightboxes: