add style to attachFooter


it is possible to have different styles (for example color text) in the same cell footer.

I have a cell footer with a specific number, and I need the text in red or in green if this cell are positive or negative.


You can use 2nd parameter of attachFooter() method. Please find more information here … tachfooter

Yes, but… is it possible to have something like “if then else” into the 2nd parameter?
Because I have a sum cell, this value can be negative or positive, and i need change the cell color for each case.

I solve that.
I add a method in “mygrid.loadXML” and gets the div (document.getElementById(…)) for the cell I want to change.

If you need color footer cells based on it’s values you can create custom statistic counter. Please find more information here … s_counters