Add table row does not work correctly


As I try to add a table row

mygrid.addRow(mygrid.uid(), '');

I get a lot of data into the database. The row is inserted as many times as there are fields in the gridrow. Each time with one field more filled with the data from the current row (where the client stands on) like this :

Row 0 -> 0 0 0 0
Row 1 -> 1 0 0 0
Row 2 -> 1 2 0 0
Row 3 -> 1 2 3 0

Anybody any ideas ?


I did some more investigation.
What happens is

  1. I click the button to add a row.
  2. Then I go into the row and type (all) the fields.

What happens is, that each time I type in a vue for a field, a new row is written to
the database. (Not on the screen).


Are you using dataprocessor for data saving?
In such case check that after adding new row, server side responds with valid new row id ( action@tid attribute )

Thanks for your reply, but I seem to be lost a bit.

In your gridconnecter docs it says :

dhtmlxConnector is a set of PHP classes which helps to simplify server side operations for dhtmlx components

  Data loading for Grid, TreeGrid, Tree, Combo, Scheduler, DataView, Chart, Form
  Data saving for Grid, TreeGrid, Tree, Scheduler, DataView, Form
  Server side sorting and filtering for Grid, Combo
  Dynamic loading (paging) for Grid, Treegrid, Tree, Scheduler, DataView

So, I programmed my serverside according to this. (no reference to dataprocessor)

But, in the same set of docs it allso says :

To perform any update operations you have to use dhtmlxDataProcessor, which has been already included in both Professional and Standard editions of dhtmlx library.

So, what is the case ? Do I need dataprocessor or not ???

If I remove the following line in my client side :

I do not get any errors anymore. I can delete a line without problems, but I cannot change any data anymore.

Is there not some ‘overview’ doc on all of this (connetor, dataprocessor) to understand clearly what is needed ?