add task int dhtmlx gantt


how i can show tasks not belonging to range of dates config, start and end.

my task have a date 05/02/2015

and my config start and end date are 08/02/2015 and 13/02/2015

thx in advance.


how i can show tasks data out of range config date (atsrt and end) in my dhtmlx gantt ?

thanks in advance.

if you explicitly define a time range the tasks that are outside that range won’t be displayed.
You need to either define range that will cover all tasks that you want to show - it can be done dynamically by setting gantt.config.start/end_date and calling gantt.render()

Or you can not define a start/end dates at all, then the gantt will assume a range that covers all data

I don’t know how robust it is, but I can see all tasks, including those outside the time range by doing

gantt._filter_task = function(){ return true; };

Basically, force the filtering process to always return all tasks.

please clarify what is an expected look of the gantt in this case?
Do you want that the tasks from within a time range are displayed as usual, and the tasks from outside - only as a row in a left grid, but without a bar in a timeline?