Add values from Combo box w/ Check Box to a Form

Hello, I’m having troubles adding values from a Combo Check box to the form. When I do it whit a simple combo, I use myform.setItemValue(“name”, value). But it doesnt work when I try to do it whit a check box combo. The check box combo returns me an Array, how do I have to do to add it to the form with a method like setItemValue. I let you some code if my explanation isn’t enough.


						{type: "hidden", name: "technologyId", value: ""},
						{type: "hidden", name: "seniorityTechnology", value: ""},                                                                                       	            

						{type: "block", list:[
						{type: "combo", label: "Technology", comboType: "checkbox", name: "technology_combo", width:350, connector: "<s:url action='knowledge_prepareTechnologyCombo' namespace='/reports'/>"},
						{type: "newcolumn"},
						{type: "combo", name: "seniority_technology_combo", label: "Seniority", width:350, offsetLeft: 20, 
							options:[{text: "Select...", value: -1},
							         {text: "N/A", value: 0}, 
							         {text: "TRAINEE", value: 1}, 
									 {text: "JUNIOR", value: 2},
									 {text: "SEMISR", value: 3},
									 {text: "SENIOR", value: 4}, 
									 {text: "EXPERT", value: 5}]
						{type: "block", width: 180, list:[
						{type: "button", value: "Search", command: "find", offsetLeft: 500}

	headForm.attachEvent("onButtonClick", function(){

(THIS ONE DOESNT WORK) technologyId=headForm.getCombo(“technology_combo”).getChecked();
headForm.setItemValue(“technologyIds”, technologyId);

(THIS ONE DOES) seniorityTechnology=headForm.getCombo(“seniority_technology_combo”).getSelectedValue();
headForm.setItemValue(“seniorityTechnology”, seniorityTechnology);

Problem solved. Erase this topic please. It was a variable names’ problem. Thanks.