AddContextZone in one Cell


I’ve a tree, when i right click on the tree a contextual menu appears, and when I right click out side of the tree the same contextual menu appears with some disabled options.
In this case my tree is created in a DIV. It works fine. To disable some option of my menu I use :


Here is what I want :
A layout with a 2u pattern. on my left pattern I’ve a tree. When I right click on my tree, a contextual menu appears, and when I would like to right click on the left side of my window but out side of the tree, it doesn’t work.
I d’ont know what parameter can I put to target my first cell’s layout.

mymenu.addContextZone("first cell's layout");

Is it possible ?
Is there an alternative ?

You were almost right:

dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject("parentId","2U"); menu = new dhtmlXMenuObject(null) menu.renderAsContextMenu(); dhxLayout.cells("a").id = "menu_"+new Date().getTime(); menu.addContextZone(dhxLayout.cells("a").id); menu.setIconsPath("../dhtmlxMenu_prof/samples/common/imgs/"); menu.loadXML("../___xml/dhxmenu.xml");