AddEvent in Unit view

Currently i’m working with the function AddEvent ( … addevent&s[]=AddEvent)
This functionality work quite good, but I don’t know how I could implement the addEvent also in the Unit mode. It seems to work, but it always add the event on the first column.

Does anyone has an idea how to solve this?
tnx in advance



You unit view is linked (mapped to) some property, so you simply need to pass it with the correct unit id:

scheduler.addEvent({ start_date: <date>, end_date: <date>, test: "Your text", section_id: 5 // for example });
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tnx Ilya! it is even easier than I thougt…
I already found the section_id, but i couldn’t figure it out how this could be implemented…
I thought “section_id” was the xth column you’ve to select, but it seems to be the “id” of the given resource…