Adding a custom column


I am interested in buying the gantt chart but I need to be able to add some custom fields to the chart and then naturally edit them, validate them and write them/retrieve them from the database. They need to be yes/no checkboxes

If this functionality is not available the product is not suited to my needs. If it is available please could you advise me or point me to a tutorial/documentation showing how to do this

Thanks very much in advance for your help

you can specify any number of custom columns of the grid, controls of the details form(lightbox), and save/load these fields to the database … lumns.html … _form.html … madatabase


Thanks for the prompt reply. However when i tried adding a custom column I lost the + button for adding a new task as the grid doesnt resize properly when I add a new column. Please can you advise how I set up the grid so it resizes properly.

The speed of the response is a positive feature in my decision to buy this product so thank you.



I have been able to add a custom text / input column but is it possible to add a checkbox or a dropdown list or a radio button

If i was able to add a radio button what text would be show on the gantt chart rather than the lightbox. would it be the selected value of the radio button. I presume this is the value that woulg get stored in the database too.

An example of adding an input column as a checkbox would be much appreciated because, as i have mentioned, i am only tryinng to evaluate this product before purchase and its difficult to do read all the documentation and do all the coding to show my boss it does what we need. If the sales team at your end could help in any way it would be much appreciated

kind regards


You can add a ‘plus’ column to the configuration explicitly:

{name:"add", label:"", width:44 }

You may try to disable this config (in this case you’ll need to specify widths of each column) … onfig.html

Regarding checkboxes, go you mean you need an editable input(checkbox in this case) in the grid, not in the ligthbox?