Adding a datepicker in each row of a specific column & addin

Hello all,

I want to add a datepicker and a checkbox in each row of a specific column in dhtmx grid.

Which .js file i have to look for in order to accomplish the same.

Thanks in advance

To add checkboxed to the specific column you should to use “ch” eXcell type for this column. You should to include dhtmlxgridcell.js file.

To use datepicker you should to use “dhxCalendar” or “dhxCalendarA” types and includue dhtmlxgrid_excell_dhxcalendar.js file from the dhtmlGrid package and dhtmlxcalendar.css, dhtmlxcalendar.js files from the dhtmlxCalendar package.


I have already imported the .js file…but i’m looking for the function declaration…




resultDhtmlxGrid.setColumnExcellType(colIndex,type); ----where to declare these???

setColTypes() method is used to declare all columns types before grid initialization.
setColumnExcellType(colIndex,type) is used to change dinamically column type after grid was initialized. You should call this method after grid was fully loaded:

setColumnExcellType necessary, when you need to change type of some column dynamically ( for example , on some condition convert column from ed to ro )