Adding a footer to the Gantt


There doesnt seem to be anything in the notes or this forum, but is there a way of adding a footer to the gantt.
Something similar to the attachFooter() method for dhtmlxgrid. … ooter.html

I’d like to add a static row at the bottom of the data columns, to provide an overview of the data. I suspect I’d also need to add a similar blank row to the task section to keep things lined up.

Thanks for the help

currently there is is no built-in solution. What you can do is add a custom element below the gantt and fill in the content.
You can get size of a grid and width of individual columns from config of gantt … onfig.html … onfig.html

Each time data is rendered, or something is updated you can render cells of appropriate with and calculate aggregated values of columns … event.html … event.html … event.html … event.html