Adding a function in the month view


Im using the calendar sample, and I need to add a function in the month view, I’m using heavy files to load the data, so i can’t load a whole month in one time. In the day view I add function to the left and right buttons so I load a new Json everytime that are pressed.

I need to do the same in the month view, load a new Json file everytime a day is selected in the month view, but I can’t find the sample to do it

Thanks a lot for your help


the days with events should be marked in calendar. In this case, a user will know that a certain date has got assigned events. So, I’m not sure that loading only day events is a good idea.

By the way, to proccess the click on calendar day you may use the following approach:

/your code here/

After the events are loaded you need to call $$(“scheduler”).setDate(date) method to call private methods that will show events in the list below calendar.

Hi Alexandra

Thanks for your help, but the code you provided me don’t work

I have been testing with several methods, and it works with $$(“calendar1”).attachEvent(“onDateSelect”, function(date){
/* code*/