Adding a new row and setting it's first field to edit mode

I can’t seem to make a cell go into edit mode. If I do a select cell the entire row gets selected. I can’t seem to make a single cell switch to edit mode.

The following sets focus to the row, but not an individual cell and not in edit mode.

Try to add a time out for the opening of the editor:

mygrid.selectCell(1,1); setTimeout("mygrid.editCell()",50)

Thanks a lot, that was my problem too

I tried the solution and it works like a charm BUT after editing the cell in Chrome, if I press the TAB key to move to the next cell it focuses on the page URL. Works with IE & FF.

Please, try to add cancelBubble=true to your button calling the select.
For example:

<button onclick="(arguments[0]||window.event).cancelBubble=true;mygrid.selectCell(1,1,false,false,true,true)">select cell</button>