Adding an image to sections in the scheduler timeline view.

I was looking at the car rental demo

And I noticed that there are images of cars for each section.

How can I add an image like this for each section?

It is possible by timeline_scale_label template. … lates.html

[code]scheduler.templates.timeline_scale_label = function(key, label, section){
return “<div style=“width:100%”>
<img src=”""" alt=""+label+"">

"; };[/code] You can download the demo to see how it was implemented.

I’ve already tried that, I thought there would be a different way. When I render a bunch of sections with images the view isn’t aligned on the x axis.

As you can see the padding isn’t aligned when I render hundreds of rows. Changing the styles doesn’t do anything. How can I fix this.



in createTimelineView method
and configure dy property to set required height value.
Please check Timeline configurations more carefully here: … eview.html