Adding and removing toolbar items

In version 0.8, it was possible to add and remove items from a toolbar with something like this:

$$("toolbar1").add({id:"round_button", type:"roundbutton", label:"Round button"}, 1);

Is there any way to do this in version 1.0 now that the add() and remove() methods are no longer there?

Also, in the dhx.ui function, I think the line:

if (top_node.getParent && top_node.getParent)

should be:

if (top_node.getParent && top_node.getParent())


There are few possible strategies

a) define all buttons and show|hide necessary ones instead of adding deleting ( because invisible elements are not rendered and not attached to the dom - there is no overhead ) … visibility

b) you still can reload toolbar with different sets of button

dhx.ui([ { view:"button", ...} ... ], $$("mytoolbar"));

c) you can replace old button with new one

dhx.ui({ view:"button", ...}, $$("mytoolbar"),"old_button_id");

Also, in the dhx.ui function, I think the line:
Yep, thanks for remark - it will be fixed.