Adding buffer time in events

Hi Guys.

I want to know two things. Firstly i need to add something in scheduler config which can shrink my slots to some time margin. i.e . I have 1 hours slots if i add 5 minutes in some type of config. It should show like this
( total time for a single event - My 5 minutes )

Is there any way to do this ?

Please I’ll be thankful .


Not fully understand what you try to implement and how it shoud look. Please show on the screenshot what you try to achieve.


In above screen shot you can see i have 1 hour time slots.

I need to have a 5 minute time margin between next slots automatically when i’m creating the slot event.
May be there is a way with any type of option available if you can tell me.

So in any case if i’m creating event for 60 minutes it should be 55 or if it is for 30 minutes it should be created as 25 minutes

Also if there is a way to define the purpose of that 5 minutes on the event slot. So i can tell the visitor why do i have a 5 minute margin here.


Such kind of implementation requires changes of the source code.

Seems to change rendered height, you need to update code of the scheduler._pre_render_events_line function