Adding custom columns in the timeline view

First of all, Thank you all for a great collection of javascript plugin.

So Here’s what i need I need the ability to add custom attributes to the first column items like we do in DHTMLX gantt chart config.columns.

So basically i need something like this.

In the timeline view i specify the name of the elements by giving elements array to y_unit property. but i am not sure how do i add additional fields for each of the elements.


unfortunately dhtmlxScheduler does not support multicolumn scale of the timeline.
The closest thing you could do, is to override the scale_label template, which by default returns label of the current section (string “Elizabeth Taylor” on your screenshot).
The template can return any html that will be injected in cell. So you can return column layout with needed data from the template function. If you add additional properties to y_unit elements, they will be available from the template. … plate.html

Hi ,
Adding custom columns in the timeline view is still not available? @Aliaksandr.

no, there is no built-in settings for custom columns, unfortunately.
Although, we have a tutorial on how to implement them using templates - please check step 4 of this article

This snippet also can be useful for you. It demonstrates the same functionality that described in the tutorial provided by Aliaksandr.