Adding custom content to scheduler


I need to place a drop down list, where a user would select a group of resources.
Switching resource group would refresh units view with new set of resources.
I just added my drop down box and the other tags in a line above scheduler on a page.
It doesn’t look so well, also I have to set it’s height in pixels (I had answer on it here).
Can I some how insert this content into scheduler’s header bar ?
I tried to put these tags in

anything I put there was overwritten.
Another question by the way:
Is it possible to block hours of resources on units view ? Say some resources are available from
10 AM -18 PM. I need to disable event creation outside these hours.




You can add you own content in the header, simply add your elements there.
Check scheduler\samples\03_extensions\26_multi_day_visible.html sample.

Yes, sure. Check scheduler\samples\03_extensions\25_advanced_limitation.html sample

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Thank you for reply.

I’ve just downloaded dhtmlx scheduler v3.0 but there were no sample N26 there (25-th is the last one)
“scheduler\samples\03_extensions\26_multi_day_visible.html” ???


Download 3.5 version here on forum in the sticky thread.

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