Adding filtering to a linked grid


Based on this example, I made a grid and I also add filtering to 2 columns. One is for the author, which has linked another grid. There, in combobox of the filtering, I see the id, and not the name of that author.

How can I resolve the problem?

PS. because it’s including Pro version, i’ll send an email on If it’s not the right mail, please let me know.


I’ll send an email with the code on dhtmlx support.

Unfortunately the filters operate with the value of your cell but not with title.

In your case we may suggest you to create your own custom filter on the base of dhtmlxCombo.
Or use the select_filter with onCollectValues event to customize the displaying options.


I have an example with xml files. How can I add filter there?
I sent on my example. Can you give me more details and some example files?

I apologize for a horrible delay.

Please, try to add the following code to your grid:

grdPeople.attachEvent("onCollectValues", function(index){ if (index == 1) return ["Apple","Kiwi","Orange","Banana","Peach"]; //options for select filter else return true; //default processing }); grdPeople.attachEvent("onFilterStart", function(indexes,values){ if(indexes=="1"){ console.log(values) switch (values.toString()){ case "Apple": console.log("1") grdPeople.filterBy(1,"1") break case "Kiwi": grdPeople.filterBy(1,"2") break case "Orange": grdPeople.filterBy(1,"3") break case "Banana": grdPeople.filterBy(1,"4") break case "Peach": grdPeople.filterBy(1,"5") break case "": grdPeople.filterBy(1,"") break } } return false });