Adding lmages to a cell with onclick javascript functions

I am initializing a grid using loadXML, this default loaded grid work fine, but when a add a row with the next code:

mygrid.addRow(Idx,’[AUTO],<IMG alt=“SETI” src="…/temas/botones/exclamation.png" width=“16” height=“16” border=“0”^javascript:eliminar(“0”)^_self>’,nrow);

add a row corectly displayed but the click event on image open a new window whit a URL=javascript:eliminar(“0”)

on the other hand the same image in previously loaded grid work fine executing the function eliminar(“0”).

So the question is how can i do to put an image on a grid using addRow() capable of trigger a javascript function?

thanks in advance.

Sorry about my english.!

There are multiple ways to provide javascript actions from cell, the most simple - just use plain HTML as cell value

    mygrid.addRow(some_id,[1,"<img src=‘some.gif’ onclick=‘doSome();’,2] />");

Others are next

a) Use “link” excell and formated data
                Delete Alert?^javascript:confirmDelete(“some”)^_self
such code will create an A tag, with javascript action attached to it

b) Use “ro” excell and HTML value
                <![CDATA[Delete Alert?]]>

c) Use the setOnRowSelectHandler method
    function my_func( rowId, cellIndex){
        if (cellIndex==some_index)

d) create a custom excell